Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello from another galaxy...

Gosh! It really has been a while, hasn't it?
What has happened in the past two months?  A whole lot...I feel like I live in another galaxy lately O_o
I have some bad news unfortunately and some good ones, so let's get the bad ones out of the way...

My 23 year old cousin died suddenly in a car wreck.  It has been devastating for the whole family, and it has brought us closer together in a way.   It never quite hit me as hard before...I had friends die, I had other family members pass away, but...He was just too young...
I still remember him being 5, that is the picture I have of him in my mind, and his life passed me by, because I didn't see him around much these days.  I suppose it is normal...we grow up, we all go our separate ways and yet this was a warning.
Yes, a warning, to really appreciate what we have on this Earth, from the small flower in front of our house, to our husbands, parents, siblings, daughters, sons, uncles, aunts, cousins , friends, cats, dogs, pythons...  
I don't have any grandparents anymore, they have departed as well and I miss them everyday, with my cousin as well, I still miss even my mom's friend that used to make me smile when I was 4 years old and that passed away over 30 years ago from cancer...yes, that feeling never ever goes away.

Times like these are a curse and a blessing at the same time, for we find closeness in darkness and never ever have I cherished my family as much as now, I don't want this feeling to ever ever go away,  as it also has brought me to the conclusion that the only thing I can really do is live my life at its fullest...for all that have passed, for Blake, who did not get the chance to experience all that I have experienced...This life is a gift, and it is precious and I thank God for giving me a chance to live it.

Now with the good  news - I have some new work!  I'm sure you've seen it if you've visited me on Etsy...well it's bangles, and I think they are awesome, I love making them, especially when I need to give my mind a rest...

 So also you may have noticed the whole month of July, I was well...not there, because I wasn't here, meaning I went to visit my dad and my family in Italy.  It's always so good to see them.  My aunts, uncle and cousins are awesome and my dad is the sweetest being on the planet.

I've also been picking up pencils and sketching peeps again, as I'm reviewing human anatomy, learning some animal anatomy and taking an oil painting course on line... I just finished the sketch for my first painting which I hope to transfer and so a first layer all depends....

I would like to have a website with some of my Art running by the end of the year, but I'm not sure I can quite get there... I have been listing most of my antiques on Etsy, a TON of them...I actually decided to take a break from it the past couple of days...

So today I went thrifting instead, in search of something interesting...I wanted to find textiles, but all I could find were these doilies and antique beaded trims (I'm gonna keep one and break it apart and list the other two) and this comb with a silvered neato case that I've already opened to cut up...

I've been playing with resin and cold enamels (those are surprises I'm finishing up so no peeking!)'s a little thing I'm doing...I found this Japanes Shogi screen paper a while back and I've decided to resin coat it and then put some of those glass beach pieces I got for the Fanciful Devices tutorial Starry Shards.  I'm done with some of those too...I'll show a picture later and possible sell some in my Supplies Shop . I think I'm gonna have to foil em or something later cause they are so transparent, I need more dramatic effects... I'll play with them tomorrow as they are still drying - yes it takes forever.
So moral of the story, I got charged to live my life more productively and I decided, I don't care what I, Art...why just not both?  I like both of them, I just switch as I please...why not? It keeps me on my toes.

Ok, it's 2 am...time to wrap up...btw if you wanna see an awesome show, watch "The Returned" on's a slow burn, but it's so....French and awesome!'s a little creepy, but good!


and well, now some puppies, just cause...  happy puppies, curious puppies, crazy puppies, spinning puppies... O_o I like puppies ok?



  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, you seem to have taken it in the most positive direction possible.

    Also- yay bangles! My recent blog post is all about how fantastic bracelets are to make- like you said, gives your brain a break. These look gorgeous by the way. Really well balanced and excellent elements included.

    You know, nothing in art scares/intimidates me. But oils? They intimidate the crap out of me. But nothing looks like oil paints, acrylics don't come close. Oils are like the pinnacle of fine art. You're right by the way, any kind of art you're interested in ... Life's too short. Now I gotta consider oil painting, crap.

    1. I'm sad to say that I got behind on the oils wagon, but I signed up for another class starting in that I actually have to attend to online, so I won't slack... I'm gonna try to paint in a couple of days...yes, oils are a bit intimidating, but I think I will like them...every time I used watercolors I kept wanting to make them more yeah, time to suck it up and give it a go! You should try it all, why not? at least trying is something, at least I think! I read your blog...I read it all the time, I love it! I love your Spirit! You have an amazing one! Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. oh thanks for the compliment too! Glad you like the bangles...hmmm...what awesome human being though me about the bangles stacks? Oh, wait! ah ah... ;-)