Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Last Breath of Summer

Hey everyone,
as Summer comes to a conclusion, I get nostalgic and I have to make something Summery...
So I finally go to sit with my soldering gun and play around with it for a change (I decided to leave the torch alone for another little while)...and I got to make this bangles from this tut from Tracy di Piazza...the woman is phenomenal...if I could do an apprenticeship in metal smithing...well she would be my teacher choice!

Anyways...A few weeks ago she de-stashed some strips on her shop and I jumped immediately to grab 'em...since I was too afraid to cut my tin boxes...but oh no more sir!

The addiction is on... the cutting shall begin!

So these were the first I made and they are a little less refined than the others, so I may go back and retouch them a bit, some of the edges are still a little too sharp for my taste...these were the "ugly" tin of the group...ugly!? well compared to the others, which were older vintage tin strips that turned into this...

Can you tell the latter two are my favorites?
Anyways, yeah, so now I'm addicted and I thinking about soldering this in all sorts of ways, and suddenly I'm getting attracted to pewter...oh goodness, it looks like sterling will have to hang on for a bit, also because it is so expensive...I have a major thing coming up, so keep tuned!

Let's just say that I will be able to post more often even on the blog...and I'm not sure if that's a good thing...I can write much more than I can talk, so y'all won't get me to virtually shut up...

Anyways, one last may want to start following my page on facebook RomAntique Soul FB... I will have a giveaway there, because I can't seem to gather enough readers on here...partially because I just don't post often enough...

So go there, follow me and keep might want to, so perhaps you can get you a Christmas gift for your best friend!

Until the next time my friends...


  1. Those bangles are really amazing! What a really fantastic idea. Beautiful.

    1. thank you :) It has been done by others, but still I like it, it's fun!