Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A mini-blog, A New Full Blown Adventure

I just wanted to give the good news for those of you that are not on my other social networks or for those that are solely focusing on my little blog.
Yes, I've done it!  Am I nervous, am I excited, am I broke?  Yes to the first two, I don't plan to be to the last.
I'm going to focus on my jewelry and Art business, it's not gonna be easy and it will be probably a bit obsessive for  a while.   I know most of my friends told me I should take a couple of months off, but honestly I plan to take a week, and I have not really done it.
I've been photographing a lot of my vintage items to sell on my shop RomAntique Supplies and posting them right away, not wasting time and I've been making more jewelry - that I have not photographed yet, and I'm currently working on my 3rd commission for a jewelry piece...yes my friends, I am not resting!  I will be resting after the Holidays for a bit, but until then there is much to do!

At first I was a little bit frazzled and for a couple of days I felt a little empty.  I was expecting my previous boss to be like "no, don't leave!", but then reality hit: I'm not needed because there are 20,000 of people like me in that company!  I am incredibly replaceable there.  But you know what's not replaceable?  Do you know what the world can't have without me?  MY creations!
Whatever they will be, they are mine and solely mine! NOONE else can make EXACTLY what I make, because they come from my perceptions.

So now I'm out of that rut, working on my inner self and my outer self as well and expanding it and connecting it to the outer world.  That's right! My voice may be the only thing that remains of me one day and I'm not ready to give it up!

I suggest if you're stuck...JUST DO! Don't worry about what happens next, worry about what happens now, cause that's the only thing you can really control! 
Now, don't you think for a second that I'm calm...not at all! I have all kinds of butterflies taking my stomach over! Am I scared? Yes!  Am I gonna let fear win? Absolutely not! I'm working daily to fight it!  I just lift my middle finger up to it! Even if it's gonna take some time to completely kick it in the ass!

This is the only life we got and we should live it like we want to, as long as the end result is to do be well intentioned towards others and then expanding to help them.

That is after all my ultimate goal.  So I'm gonna share with you resources I'm using to get myself together again:

Marie Forleo - this woman is amazing! She has so many resources to get your business going and thriving.  I am ADDICTED to her videos, so many to watch I have to limit myself to a couple a day because I have to do other things, like create!

Steal like An Artist and Show Your Work! - two amazing little book gems that will help you realize that those are necessary steps to really succeed - I'm still reading these in small trips to BnN.  Why buy them when you can read them for free while sipping on a Soy Latte?

May Cause Miracles - I started this book today, it's been sitting on my iPad, because I could never do it traveling all over the places while working...well now I can :)

So I'm ready for this adventure and I'm going to get to the point where I'm fully in control...the road ahead is long, but one thing I have it's time now.

New Work in the making :)

-Feel like sharing what are you up to with your creative journey? Leave comments, I love them!


  1. Congratulations on this new adventure! Thanks for sharing your resources and I look forward to seeing what comes from you having your art as your main focus. I'm sure it's going to be amazing and exciting!

    1. Thank you! I'm definitely looking forward to being able to create more :)