Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Hola everyone!
I've finally found a bit of time to create, in fact I sort of had a "Create-a-Ton" this weekend.  I felt so guilty and stressed about not making stuff for a while that I made quite a bit...and I still have stuff in the making as well.  I pretty much decided that I'll have to start working on it every day for at least 4 days a week and then the other three days will be devoted to painting (more on that later).

I decided not to share everything at once, so for now here are three pieces that will be on Etsy later on tonight.  I will also try to keep on posting new de-stash and items on my other site RomAntique Supplies so keep on checking...I have a ton to go through, but tax filing duty calls right now, so that will have to wait...

So I almost forgot...I did not win the B-School scholarship mentioned in the previous blog - I also took down the video, cause reasons...  :-P 

Remember that thing about being all a wallflower and shit?  Well, yah...then...  I tend to disappear on the wall again...but eventually I will gather up the courage to just at least film my hands doing stuff on camera, just not my face...

and I just keep doing my funky thing and loving it, even though I'm also working on metal-smithing and yes I know, I've procrastinated in sharing the few things I've made, but soon, I promise...as soon as the weather clears up...

So yesterday the sky cleared up for like 3 hours and I took pictures for about 2& 1/2 cause God knows when I'll get that chance again...WTF you guys?  This is Georgia! Not Chicago! I can't even get my house warmed up enough...I feel like I live in an Igloo...actually I think those are warmer cause you light a fire...

On that cranky note, I should be back at the end of the week with a couple of more things...for now enjoy and these should be out this evening!

It's supposed to snow on Wednesday...  This is me after doing Zumba and Pilates yesterday -------------->>>>
and today...


  1. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous. Does my little eye spy a bead from Gaea?

    1. Hiya! thanks! I had to rewrite this comment a 3rd time, cause I'm funny like that. The beads are not from her, but I did find that awesome shop thanks to your awesome self :) They are beads from Ragged Robyn and from Happy Fallout - they are also very awesome! I also love your blog! I need to try that hot salad you have on there...it looks super yummy!