Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Insta-gratitude...and B-School

A quick post...

So, I finally decided to give Instagram a try, and I gotta say, it's kind of fun...sure it's gonna take a while to build up a following, but if anything it's just chill.  Meaning I don't have to write a ton of stuff to make a point...just put the picture up, title and a few hash tags and BAM! It's done... ok, I do like to play with the filters...but really, isn't it the best part? - Thanks Marina from Fanciful Devices, you finally pushed me to get an account so I could follow you :) -

Anyways, guys the big news is that I ended up joining B-School, and yes I did use quite a bit of my savings to do was e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e! More than I could really afford, but my gut said do it.    Basically I figured I could pay 20 times as much for an MBA or I could take it this year and take it over and over every year at no additional cost if I need to.
So far, it hasn't even started and I already have a ton of prep-homework to's def no joke!

It really is already forcing me to really rethink what I'm doing.  I've been feeling torn and aimless and now I have to write lists, fill out calendars and commit to stuff...time to be a big girl! No excuses!

Plus one neat thing that happened as I was signing up and worrying about spending the amount, a lady bought stuff from both of my shops (Thanks Melissa!) isn't that like the Universe trying to tell me something?  

So I'll check in back next week, hopefully share new pieces and perhaps talk about my school progress and if I can get some pictures this coming up weekend, I'm going on a short trip with my sis to Charleston (I love that place!), I'll definitely post them.

Enjoy the week and thank for checking in.

*Last minute edit: I forgot to mention...I've been hoarding a ton of stuff over the years, it's time to really let go some of visit my Sister Shop if you want beads, antiques, vintage randomness...I should be posting weekly, so keep checking...some hopefully tonight.


  1. Oh, Instagram is MY JAM! As soon as I saw you joined, I went and followed you. Wow. . .that sounds so stalker-ish. Sorry. Congrats on the learning and I hope it's going well!

    1. Love it! I'm your stalker too! So ah-ah! Every step you take, every move you make, every single day every breath you take I'll be watching youuuu... Ok I'll stop, I love Sting, he could musically stalk me all day! Thanks Hope for stalking me ;-)